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Privacy policy

Welcome to Picaton (hereafter “Service”, “Picaton”, “us”, “we”, “our”). We’ve created a Service available to all Instagram users, which allows to better understand their audience and make interaction with it faster and more convenient. Privacy policy (hereafter – Policy) is applicable to all data which Picaton may retrieve about the User during Service usage ( website and any its sub-domains). We reserve the right to amend or update these conditions without prior notice. The latest edition of the Policy may be found here. By using the Picaton Service the User unconditionally agrees with the present Policy and User-provided data processing conditions; in case where User disagrees with such conditions, the User should avoid from using the Service.

1. User’s Personal information

Picaton does not receive and does not use User personal information. All the information is provided by the User and will not necessarily identify the user. Information requested by payment processing services is regulated by Privacy Policies of the relevant payment processing services. User understands and agrees that Picaton is not responsible for personal data processing by the payment services.

2. User information used by us

Picaton uses Instagram API in accordance with Instagram Policy. User information retrieved from Instagram is determined by permissions, which User confirms upon login. We only receive User e-mail address, which is not necessarily identifies the User and may be created for the sole purpose to use the Service.

3. User data processing conditions and disclosure to third parties

3.1 Account data collected by the Service is visualized by the proprietary Picaton software. Visualization result is available to the User on a special page, which is generated for each Account, whose data is collected.

3.2 User may grant access to the visualized data to third parties by own decision, without Picaton approval.

3.3 Access to personal data may be granted, if such disclosure is provisioned by Russian or other applicable law within the procedure established by law.

4. Disclaimer

Picaton responsibility is limited by obligation to ensure Accounts data collection accuracy from open sources in accordance with Instagram terms of service (link) and providing continuous access to pages with visualization of user-requested collected data about the Account. Picaton may not be responsible for distribution and any further usage of the collected Accounts data.

5. Cookie

Cookies are special files, which are sent to your web browser by the Service and can be stored on your drive. We use such files to store Service preferences. The Service will not function if cookie acceptance is disabled.

6. Measures we take to protect user information

Picaton takes all necessary and sufficient measures from organizational and technical standpoint to protect User’s personal information from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, modification, restriction, copying, distribution and other unauthorized action from the third parties.

7. Information amendment and deletion

The User can at any moment modify (amend or edit) own data provided or a part of it, by using editing function in the Service settings. In case of User inactivity on the Service for more than 90 days, all the User related information will be deleted.

Edited: 11.05.2016