Audience ververa

Your followers is your audience. Audience analytics shows where do these people come from, which gender, what do they do, do they really read you, whether they are bots. All these metrics will help you understand your followers better.

Gender: Male/Female

Shows the ratio of male and female part of the audience. Globally there are more registered Instagram accounts belonging to women, rather than men. If your account theme is intended to lean to specific gender audience, you may estimate how well the audience is managed.

Publicity: Private/Public

Ratio between public and private profiles. Usually private profiles belong to normal people who use Instagram to communicate with friends and receive the information they are interested. The network as a whole shows approximately 40% private and 60% public ratio. If your ratio shows more than 60% of the public profile, it may be the evidence of an account being “spammed”.

Country distribution

Followers distribution by country. Can help to estimate the reach to international audience.

City distribution

Followers distribution by city. Sometimes most popular city may come from not-so-popular country. In such case it’s better to review total ratio of the cities from the top ranked country.

Categories (themes)

Shows the ratios of theme-based accounts. These analytics is experimental. We’ve discovered a range of attributes, which we considered interesting. We tried to make their names talk for themselves. This part is actively work-in-progress and we can add the categories which may be interesting for you. You may send a request to add new category to

Reach capability

Lets you estimate how easy it is to reach the audience.
easy-reachable - the backbone of your audience, these people never miss your post. These people have no more than 500 subscriptions..
soft-reachable - people with subscription amount between 500 and 1000. They sometimes can see your posts if it was not lost among the others.
hard-reachable - subscriptions between 1000 and 2000. Needs some serious luck to make your post noticed.
unreachable - over 2000. Usually are business accounts searching for a larger audience by subscribing and then unsubscribing. They never check others posts.

Follows distribution

Shows subscribers distribution (in percentage) for this account by the number of their subscriptions. In fact, it’s just another representation of the “Reach capability” with more detail. You may be especially interested in those who have 7500 subscriptions. This is the largest allowed amount of subscriptions: most likely this account belongs automatic subscription spammer who hit the limit.

Followers distribution

Will show how many followers your followers have (in percentage). In other words, this chart shows how popular are the followers of this account. Keep in mind, this metric is somewhat unreliable sign of the popularity, because quite a number of users like to artificially grow their popularity with bots.

Audience activity

Audience activity distribution by the number of posts.
sometimes – posting no often than once in 8 days.
weekly – make at least one post per week.
daily – more than once per 2 days, but less than 2 per day:)
blogger – from 2 to 10 per day.
spam – more than 10 posts daily.

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