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Analyze your Instagram Profile

Optimal posting time
Create account strategy, based on the audience activity time
Distribution of your followers in cities and countries
Make your own growing trends based on popular posts
Analytics of hashtags shows how effective is their usage
Theme-based accounts
Discover the ratio of theme-based accounts
Filters Impact
Which photo filters your friends like the most?
Audience reachability
Which percentage of your audience may not see your posts at all?
What is more popular: photo or video? Portrait or landscape? Or maybe square?
Quality Seal
Make your analytics public. Get the proof of your popularity.
Analyze your Instagram Account

Examples of Analytics

Pavel Volya

Which day it is more likely to expect news from Pavel? You could ask the astrologist. Well, maybe it also helps to check his posts chart. But only as the last resort.

Vera Brezhneva

You may have thought only guys would subscribe to the beautiful Vera? That’s what we initially thought as well. Apparently, she is the inspiration for the ladies to do great things.

Dmitry Medvedev

Which country does the majority of Dmitry Anatolyevich subscribers come from? Too easy to guess? Well, then which country is ranked second?


Picaton.Notify: Notifications about new instagram comments to the Telegram

Your audience will be impressed by your quick feedback.
You may reply or delete Instagram comments to your posts right from the messenger app.

Did you know?

  • Your phone has a limited capacity for push-notifications. If you have a sudden increase in audience interest, you may miss important contacts.
  • Picaton.Notify enables your whole team to manage Instagram account in a private Telegram group: team members can respond or delete comments.
  • Users may leave to another community if they feel that feedback speed is not quick enough
  • What if it’s a business related? Each missed comment could mean a missed order.

No need to stand this any further! Now you can instantly respond to all new Instagram comments right from your Telegram.

Try Picaton.Notify